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Corner by fcneko Corner :iconfcneko:fcneko 4 1 CuteNesha-Plushie by MariaTiger by fcneko CuteNesha-Plushie by MariaTiger :iconfcneko:fcneko 2 1
In the Fields of Ilsurian
                “Tell me one more time why we’re sitting in a vineyard naked?”  Athena looked up from where she sat next to her love on a blanket spread between the neat lattices that ran off in both directions from where they were seated.  The sun was bright, the sky was clear and blue, and the temperature was just cool enough to where there was a crispness in the air in the morning, but it grew warm enough that they were not actually cold at mid-morning, seated unclothed amidst the vines.
                It hadn’t started so oddly.
                Well, in many ways, it had, but that was beside the point.  She and Nesha, the catfolk girl from Osirion, had met in Korvosa, just before heading out to investigate reports of banditry in the little town of Ous
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NeshAthena by fcneko NeshAthena :iconfcneko:fcneko 4 6 Omni-Expo-2016-Part-2-18-550x367 by fcneko Omni-Expo-2016-Part-2-18-550x367 :iconfcneko:fcneko 1 0 Tacitus Engages by fcneko Tacitus Engages :iconfcneko:fcneko 1 0
Nesha Backstory - Pt. 2
    The busty blonde woman Nesha had met at the outset was Terese and the older sister of Alethia.  Hedran, it turned out, was the owner of the inn, and their father.  He kept the place up and running and managed their money, but left the day-to-day operations of the inn (called “Halfway Home,” apparently) to the women and spent much of his time either repairing things or off getting drunk with friends.  He showed up in the morning and the evening for meals and to find out if anything needed fixing before heading out.  His first experience meeting Nesha was a goggle-eyed affair that first evening, drunk as he was and staring at a silk-clade female catfolk blinking demurely at him while he stared.
    “This is Nesha,” said Alethia warmly.  “She’s our new long-term customer, so be nice to her.”
    “Where’s the rest of them?” he asked, wiping hi
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Nesha - Backstory
                The streets were busy, like always, but now rather than the welcoming bustle of commerce, they seemed filled with threats.  Here, an Osirioni house ward haggled with a balah merchant for his mistress’ required amount of dates for the evening’s fete.  The two of them turned to watch the catfolk walk past, expressions turning to a wary surprise when they failed to see her human escorts nearby.  There, a Zabadi merchant hawked his creamy snack in little pots that had been painted with a shiny finish to catch the sun and glint in the shadowy suq.  His eyes narrowed as she passed by, his gaze returning the way she had come before locking onto hers with a wary glare.  A pair of Madjai guards tramped past, their khopesh blades slung from a wire at their belt, quickly grabbed in case of an incident.  Their conversation paused as they passed the cheetah-patterned catfolk, their steps fa
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The Scourge - The Slave Pits of the Undercity Pt 1
    The patrol was moving through the rubble at a slow pace.  Around them, the fifty foot high walls of the Gallows Walls loomed over the ruin of what had once been a thriving part of Corentyn before the Chelish civil war.  The shattered outlines of buildings lay in neat patterns throughout the closed district, sign of the powers that had chosen to leave this area the way it was once Cheliax found peace through the Thrune Ascension.  Slavers had taken control of the district through immense bribes to the city leadership and placed their primary slave trading operations beneath the ruins of an old temple to Aroden.  They had left the rest of the district to rot, a reminder to those who visited the pens of what lay ahead for those who threatened their business.
    Not everyone was happy with the arrangement, however.  Athena had made friends during their stay in Corentyn, and they were displeased at the general leadership
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Before the Contest by fcneko Before the Contest :iconfcneko:fcneko 0 2 Terminatus by fcneko Terminatus :iconfcneko:fcneko 1 0 Tacitus Walks by fcneko Tacitus Walks :iconfcneko:fcneko 1 0 Upper-Body-Built by fcneko Upper-Body-Built :iconfcneko:fcneko 0 0 Thighs-Built by fcneko Thighs-Built :iconfcneko:fcneko 1 0 Shoulder-Interior-Built by fcneko Shoulder-Interior-Built :iconfcneko:fcneko 0 0 Sergeant Knee Plate Detail by fcneko Sergeant Knee Plate Detail :iconfcneko:fcneko 4 0

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Travis W. Herring
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United States
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
Favourite genre of music: Techno/Trance/DubStep

Personal Quote: "Who? Me?"

Father of the sparkle in my eye (Brendan).
Lover of all things Japanese
Japanese-speaker, anime-expert, teacher-of-English-to-Japanese-children-in-Japan and teacher-of-Japanese-to-Americans.

College admissions advisor.
Master Chief and Noble 6 Cosplayer
Warhammer 40K-lover & Cosplayer


Student of life
  • Listening to: Pandora - Dance Channel
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  • Watching: Dr. Who
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Things to learn:

1. Learn to think for yourself. Don't take other's opinions as anything other than that (everyone has an asshole, too. They all stink). [EDIT: Don't mistake the difference between FACT and OPINION when you do this. It is not an opinion that the sky is blue (science has proven this beyond a reasonable doubt), but you can disagree all you want (and that IS an opinion)]
2. Apply logic regularly to EVERY discussion and argument - you won't win friends who don't understand the logic you use, but you may influence people and in the end, that's what really matters. If you don't know how to wisely apply logic, take a Critical Thinking class. Your instructor will show you. If you get mad at the instructor as the course progresses, then chances are, you've not been applying logic properly (I did and I wasn't!). 
3. People tell you things for their own good (not yours). Everyone talks to you with a personal purpose in mind, and it isn't always in your best interest. Remember that, parse the words, and APPLY LOGIC and you'll figure out your own way amid all the conflicting information.
4. You cannot and will not please everyone. Trying leads to confusion and frustration. As above, most do not understand the proper application of logic, use opinions and repeat things they've heard instead of do the hard work and learn for themselves. Those who do are seen as "higher than thou" (but isn't that a GOOD thing when you really DO know what you're talking about?).
5. Keep your circle of closest friends small. The smaller the circle, the more you can spend time with and on them and they with you. Having a hundred "acquaintances" doesn't mean your life is any better than it is having 4 close friends. Try to remember that as you go through life - it can make or break you (or keep you from breaking).
6. Surround yourself with people who inspire you - not the people just like yourself. Those who inspire you will make you get better. Those just like you will allow you to wallow in feelings of comfort (and keep you from trying harder).
7. Work hard so that you can afford to play hard. Playing is a benefit of work. Without one, you cannot truly enjoy the other.
8. Learn how to balance your accounts. Save now. Save always. Put money away when you have it for those times when you will not. Celebrating victory early has cost many the battle/game/war.

These are all things that the American school system SHOULD teach, but doesn't. Instead, we have to learn them for ourselves. If by posting these items here, I help ANYONE better themselves, then I will consider my purpose in life fulfilled.


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